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How about the payment method?
  • Cash Delivery to our driver each way
  • Online banking and transfer in advance
  • No need deposit required
When should I receive driver details?
Rate is per vehicle or per passenger?
How can driver fetch me at the airport?
When crossing both Singapore and Malaysia, should I alight from vehicle?
Which immigration will be used by driver entry or exit?
How long in advance can reschedule my travel?
What car model do you have?
Are the price is only for single trip or return trip?
Any hidden cost or extra charge in listing?
Does your company will provide booking receipt for the trip?
What is your cancellation policy?
Any charges for additional pick up or drop off point in Singapore?
When is the latest I need to confirm the trip?
Is passenger cover with insurance in the journey?
Will round trip driver will he same in the journey?
Can arrangement with urgently booking in last minute?